Testing Time

26 June - 7 July
Studio spaces of the Art School
Manchester Metropolitan [MAP]

From the end of June, the studio spaces of the Art School are available for postgraduate students in the departments of Art, Design and Media to test out studio work in progress, present research ideas and convene debates.

There is an intensive programme of critique groups where students’ interrogate their own work and that of others in a process aimed at progressing practices within a broader professional context. During Testing Time work is taken out of the studio and tested through its installation in a new space in an evolutionary process. Critics and practitioners can be invited to respond to work. There is an accompanying programme of symposia and events.

If you would like to take part in Testing Time, get in touch with Janet Bezzant ([email protected])


About Prologue

A programme of student-led events May - July 2017

Research students in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Manchester Metropolitan have proposed activities to revel the substance and passion that fuel their research.