P is for: Press, Politics, Propaganda

The exhibition bought together the connecting threads of politics and the agenda of the printed press, with intersecting works focusing on the 2017 Norwegian election and select media campaigns. At particular moments during the exhibition performances activated the props and objects found within the exhibition installation.

NOK ER NOK (Enough is Enough)
Jumper with arrow

Arrows for Listhaug
Framed work and series of arrows made from wood to be delivered to the far right politician Sylvi Listhaug
The framed work shows the changing state of a found piece of wood with a yellow post it note bound to the surface. The note reminds the former owner to take the piece of wood to Oslo so that it can be delivered to the FRP politician Sylvi Listhaug. Having not made it to the intended recipient the wooden pole has been transformed into a set of six arrows, each holding the potential to be delivered to the Sylvi Listhaug.

Punctuate the Press
Wallpaper and newspapers punctuated with arrows
Logos of major media corporations, known to have falsely presented information, decorate the walls of Tenthaus surrounded by flora and flies. On top of the wallpaper four newspapers showed examples of contemporary and historical journalism. The two British newspapers from 1977 detail stories that we notably sensationalised and misconstrued by the media. Alongside the historic newspapers are two papers bought on the day of the exhibition opening.