Location: Wells Cathedral, Wells

I am very excited my installation 'Everyone was a Bird' has been selected for inclusion in this exhibition taking place in Wells Cathedral.

There will be a diverse range of installations, created specifically for WAC 2022, exhibited throughout the Cathedral. The 29 site-specific installations were selected by Clare Burnett and Jacquiline Creswell.

My installation ‘Everyone was a Bird’ is created from early morning site recordings transformed into delicate metal notes suspended on ribbons threaded with hand-cut irrigation tubing. Each of the ‘prayer beads’ represents a moment of the Dawn Chorus. This installation is inspired by birds whose songs we no longer hear plus birds whose songs are in danger of being lost such as the skylark, nightingale, and song thrush. As well as seeking to reflect on the fragility of species, this work looks to evoke the solace and joy experienced through birdsong. Soundtrack (Dawn Chorus)
The title is from a line in Siegfried Sassoon’s WW1 poem ‘Everyone Sang’.