at The King's Land
project video:
Housing estates often feature in film, especially British films, as a byword for social exclusion, poverty and dysfunctionally. NIGHT OF THE BLACK MOON turns this trope on its head and sets the film inside a run down housing estate, with the moving images projected directly onto the exterior walls. And instead of being all about “social problems” NIGHT OF THE BLACK MOON is all about fantasy, thrill, memory and desire.
Studio75 present a vision of a magical world made of light, fantastical moving images playing over the walls and bricked up windows of a run down soon-to-be-demolished East London housing estate. The Kingsland Estate is the site of a huge mural project by Nazir Tanbouli. NIGHT OF THE BLACK MOON presents work by internationally renowned London duo SDNA (Valentina Floris and Ben Foot) as well as video artists and film-makers Tracey Holland, Jessica Kolokol, Harriet MacDonald and more.
NIGHT OF THE BLACK MOON is a walk-through event, inviting you to walk through the estate and experience the work in your own time and at your own pace.
NIGHT OF THE BLACK MOON is curated by Gillian McIver at Studio75. For more information please visit