manyfesto collected by gobscure 21 c.e. from apprentices, bairns, coffee-makers, taxi-drivers, & other workers & artists, misguided tourers, curious-passers-by & ... supported by Edinburgh Printmakers / Future’s Venture Foundation Radical Independent Art Fund

we've stood long-term in public places / spaces holding question-marks. our residency with Edinburgh Printmakers began with us (online) offering stencil ov a question-mark (plus recipe for bara brith cake) & asking folx what wz missing (i.e. whats in the gap); a questionmark wz first thing we drew up E.P's glass & across 6 months this glass wz filled with folx many questionings as well as statements - thanks for yr manyfesto. the 'bigger tree' print at its core wz the first print we made with E.P. (a trace monotype using stencils, thanks Mhairi)

we are a Future’s Venture Foundation Radical Independent Art Fund Artist.