Approved: 17.08.2012

Jim Brown


Approved: 17.08.2012

Sculpture, printmaking, drawing and photography. 

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    Artist Statement

    Sculpture, printmaking, drawing and photography. 

    CV & Education





    MOBILE: 07938555398 EMAIL: [email protected]


    1987-91   B.A. Honours, Fine Art (Painting). Norwich School of Art, Norwich, Norfolk.

    1984-87   B.Tech. National Diploma, General Art and Design. Harlow Technical College, Harlow, Essex.



    2003       Fire Safety Certificate.

    2002       MIG welding introduction. Harlow tech.

    2002-      C.R.B. Certificate (Criminal record check).

    2001       Artists in Education. A course covering teaching methods and work planning. Essex County Council.

    2000       Cabinet Making. A six week introduction. Norwich, Norfolk.

    1996       Desktop Publishing. A four week course. Norwich, Norfolk.

    1993-94  Photography. One year, full time. General studio and wet darkroom experience. Cromer, Norfolk.



    2014-         Self employed Art Technician, Gibberd Gallery. Harlow.

    2003-         Self Employed Artist.

    2010-         Caretaker for ACAVA Gatehouse Arts studios including exhibition co-ordination, installation and other aspects of Gallery work.

    2014          Two mosaics celebrating Harlow’s 65th anniversary. Commissioned by Harlow Council, involved workshops at  Abbotsweld Primary School and Water Lane Primary School, Harlow. Sited in public places.

    2014          Constructed plinths and a table for The Gibberd Gallery, Harlow.

    2014           Exhibition installer for Gibberd Gallery, Harlow.

    2013           Designed and constructed 7 plinths to hold spheres for Slough Libraries.

    2012          Mosaic mural of Leaves for Harlow Council as park of Creative Space Artist Co-operative. Collaboration with OI Glass by using recycling glass (Cullet).

    2012          Designed and Constructed 15 plinths for Essex County Council ‘Sparks Will Fly’ beads, part of cultural Olympiad.

    2012          Public workshop, Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust.

    2012          Harlow Festival, drop-in workshop, constructing local birds for woodland scene in Harlow Harvey Centre.

    2012          Re-installed Creative Space’s Harlow Woodland Scene in an empty shop unit in Harvey Centre.

    2012          Installed exhibition at Braintree community hospital.

    2012          A New Solar system. Casting and Mould making project Latton Green Primary School, Harlow.

    2011          Harlow Robots, public drop-in construction workshop, Gatehouse Arts Gallery.

    2011          Installation of Carve Up exhibition, Gatehouse Arts Gallery, Harlow.

    2011          Soap carving workshops , Henry Moore Junior School, Harlow

    2010-11     Co-ordinator ‘Window Into Art’ exhibitions at Gatehouse Arts Gallery, Acava.

    2001-2012 Invigilator, Henry Moore Foundation, Perry Green, Much Hadham, Hertfordshire.

    2010          Art workshop at Epping Forest District Museum. Waltham Abbey.

    2010         Public workshop ‘Day in the Marshes’ at May Mead Marshes Harlow for Herts and Middlesex Wildlife trust.

    2010         Worked on two fibreglass sheep for Harlow’s ‘Sheep Trail’ to coinside with Henry Moore Sheep sketches exhibition.

    2009         Created a plaque for Harlow Museum to celebrate Harlow through time.

    2009         Fashion and Textile workshops at Occasio House. An accommodation centre for young adults, Harlow.

    2009         Lottery funded project spanning one year consisting of constructing a 3D woodland scene in an empty retail unit and through public

                     workshops add seasonal details which change throughout the year.

    2008         Series of workshops at Water lane School, Harlow, resulting in a fabric hanging on the theme of local rivers.

    2008         Harlow ‘Dancing Figures’ mural. A series printing  on wood and copper relief workshops with young housing residents

                     at Ocassio House, Harlow, resulting in a large mural. Funded by East Thames Housing Association.

    2007-08   One, half day a week for a year teaching drawing at Peterswood Primary School, Harlow.

    2007-08    Series of workshops on the theme of local architecture in Bishopsfield estate, Harlow, resulting in the creation of a set of blinds and

                     Copper Frieze for Bishopsfield common room. Funded by East Thames Housing Association.

    2007         A series of workshops at Peterswood Infant School, Harlow, resulting in a large fabric ‘Nativity Play’

                     backdrop being produced. School funded.

    2007         ‘Window Works’ Series of Fabric printing workshops to celebrate Harlow’s diamond anniversary, resulting in fabric hangings

                     Situated in an empty retail outlet. Funded by Harlow Council, Harlow Renaissance and The Harvey Centre Shopping Centre.

    2007         ‘T’ shirt printing and copper relief youth project for Bishopsfield, ChartersCross and Gibson Court. Harlow. Funded by East Thames

                     Housing Association.

    2007         Space theme Mobile making stall. Harlow Town Show.

    2006         Women’s Network Family Day, plaster casting. Harlow.

    2006         ‘Gerta Rubinstein’ Drop-in workshop. Gibberd Gallery, Harlow.

    2006         Public workshop resulting in construction and fixing of a 3d sign  and anniversary plaque for Pets Corner. Harlow. Awards For All 


    2006-07   Workshops at The Downs Primary School resulting in a large free standing sculpture for school courtyard. Harlow. Awards For All


    2006       Part of 'The Big Draw'. Drop-in workshop. Constructing robots using mixed medium. The Gibberd Gallery, Harlow.

    2006       Part of 'The Big Draw'. Drop-in workshop. Constructing planets using mixed medium. The Study Centre, Harlow.

    2006       Optical Illusion workshop stall at Harlow Town Show.

    2006       Public workshops resulting in a portable screen commemorating the conclusion of the 'Wildspace' project and internal panels for a 

                     hide at Parndon Wood Nature Reserve. English Nature and Harlow Council funded at Parndon Wood Nature Reserve. English        

                     Nature and Harlow Council funded.

    2006       Public drop-in 'Mask making' workshop in conjuction with Africa Week. The Gibberd Gallery, Harlow.

    2006       Public drop-in 3d workshop in conjunction with an exhibition by 'Gerda Rubinstein'. The Gibberd Gallery, Harlow.

    2005       Series of workshops for Harlow Fields School, a special needs school. Based on the theme of 'Local Nature', concluded with the

                     construction of 3d panels which are on permanent display around the schools library.

    2005       Homework Club. After school, workshops. Printmaking, plaster relief and hanging mobile making at a selection of Harlow primary

                     schools : Church Langley Primary, Churchgate street primary, Paringdon Junior, Pear Tree Mead Primary, Peterswood Infants,      

                     Potter Street Primary, Purford Green Infants, Tanys Dell Primary, The Downs Primary.

    2005       Series of Workshops at Paringdon Junior School, resulting in a large permanent, external wall relief made from wood and cement

                     situated in the schools courtyard.

    2005       Series of workshops for Wessex Club, a multi-cultural, children’s club.

    2004       Series of workshops for Sportcentre Homework Club. Based on the theme of 'Sport', concluded with the construction of 3d wall

                     relief situated in the Harlow  Sportcentre. Government funded.

    2004       Series of workshops for Tye Green Homework Club. Based on the theme of ' Learning', concluded with the construction of a 3d wall

                     relief situated in staple Tye Library, Harlow. Government funded.

    2004       Series of workshops for Central Library Homework Club. Based  on the theme of 'Homework', concluded with the construction of a

                     3d wall relief situated in Harlows’ Central Library. Government funded.

    2004       Series of workshops for Harlow Study Centre Homework Club. Based on the theme of 'Seed Pods', concluded with the construction

                     of a large hanging mobile situated in the Study Centre, Harlow. Government funded.

    2004       Series of workshops for Markhall Homework Club. Based on the theme of 'Past and Present', concluding with the construction of a

                     3d wall relief situated in Markhall Library, Harlow. Government funded.

    2004       'Bird in a bag', Decorating and construction workshop at Harlow Town Show.

    2004       Part of 'The Big Draw'. Charcoal drawing workshop at Parndon Wood Nature Reserve. Harlow.

    2004       Public painting and drawing workshop at Rivers Nursery Orchard, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire.

    2004       Series of workshops at Epping Infants School. Based on the theme of ‘ The Sea’, concluded with a 3d wall mural celebrating the  

                     schools 50th anniversary.



    2015          Freshairsculpture 2015. Bi-annual sculpture exhibition. Exhibiting an outdoor sculpture. Quenington, Cirencester.

    2014          Eastern Approaches. Open exhibition for the Eastern Counties. Exhibiting a mixed media work. U.H. St Albans. 

    2014          KIT - A Modular Exploration. Solo exhibition of sculptures, photographs and drawings. Gatehouse Arts, Eastgate Gallery and

                      Gibberd Gallery Window, Harlow.

    2014          Eastern Open. Exhibited a photograph. Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

    2013          RECENT WORKS. Solo exhibition of drawings, collages and sculptures. Courtyard Arts, Hertford.

    2012          3D THOUGHTS. Solo exhibition of 41 drawings, collages and sculptures. Gatehouse Arts Gallery, Harlow.

    2012          Gibberd Open. Exhibited two drawings

    2012         Seen. A collaborative exhibition between Gatehouse Arts and Hive Artist group, Exhibited one painting.

    2012          Photographers Eye. Photographic open exhibition at Gatehouse Arts, Coordinated and exhibited one photograph.

    2011         Drawn From Essex. Gatehouse Arts Joint show at the Gibberd Gallery, exhibited 5 works on paper.

    2010         Show One. Gatehouse Arts first ‘group’ show. Exhibited a painting and prints.

    2010         Harlow Open. Gibberd Gallery, Harlow.

    2009         Eastern Open 40th Anniversary Exhibition. Exhibited a drawing. Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

    2006         Harlow Open. Exhibited a painting. The Gibberd Gallery, Harlow.

    2005         Harlow Open. Exhibited three drawings. image used to promote exhibition. The Gibberd Gallery, Harlow.

    2003         Pastels Today. Exhibited drawing in national open drawing competition. The Mall Galleries, London.

    2003         Playhouse Wall Gallery. One man show  of drawings. Harlow Playhouse.

    2002         Harlow Sportcentre. Sculpture on public display.

    2002         Library of Unpublished Books. Exhibited two handmade books. Pumphouse Gallery, Battersea Park, London.

    2002         Artists in Essex. Bi-annual art exhibition. Epping Forest District Museum, Waltham Abbey.

    2002         Pastels Today. Exhibited drawings in national open drawing competition. The Mall Galleries, London.

    2001         Day Of The Unread. Contributed a book of drawing to a collection of unpublished books. Waterstones bookshop, Tottenham Court     

                      Road, London.

    2000          Mobile Library Art Project. Contributed Australia photojournal book to a collection of unpublished travel books. Tour of Lambeth


    2000          Saunders and Seniors Solicitors. Two man show. Drawings. Norwich, Norfolk.

    1994-2000 Participated in numerous Open Studios and group exhibitions as a member of  S.E.A.S. (See studios). Norwich.

    1994-1999 Norfolk and Norwich Visual Arts Festival. Exhibited and actively involved in annual regional event. Norwich.

    1996          Crow. Interactive, Kinetic sculpture. Merchants Court, Norwich, Norfolk.

    1996           Headlights. One man show of experimental photographs Midland Bank, Norwich, Norfolk.

    1995           Baltic Seas. Group show with S.E.A.S. and contemporary artists from Lithuania. Norwich, Norfolk.

    1994-95      Norwich Castle Art Show. Exhibition of work from selective art groups. Norwich, Norfolk.

    1994           Eastern Open. Regional, Bi-annual art show. Kings Lynn. Norfolk.

    1993           Larns Loke. Three man show. Landscape Paintings. Halesworth Gallery, Halesworth, Suffolk.

    1991           B.A. Degree Show. Paintings and drawings. Norwich School of Art.



    2000-02       Westcliffe Gallery. Drawings. Sheringham,Norfolk.

    1996            Millhouse Gallery. Drawings. Norwich.

    1991-95       Brandler Galleries. Drawings and Paintings. Brentwood, Essex.



    2010-            Active member of ACAVA Gatehouse Arts, Harlow. Present working studio and currently caretaker for premises.

    2001-            Active member of Creative Space Studios. A co-operative of artists based in Harlow.

    1994-2001    Active member of S.E.A.S. A group of contemporary artists based in Norwich.


    Art handler/ hanger at Gibberd Gallery, Harlow.

    Gatehouse Arts, numerous voluntary activities including co-ordinating, curating, installing, invigilating, poster designing

    Secretary for Creative Space Artist Co-operative, treasurer for Creative Space Artist Co-operative, exhibition invigilator, exhibition installation, artwork documentation, exhibition selection  panel member, frame making. General gallery/ exhibition experience.


    Groundsman for private estate, Cabinet maker, Plastering trade.