Location: ONLINE

An invitation to a virtual dinner party, to share and listen to stories. In aid of the Bridport Refugee Support Campaign, we suggest donations of £5 and more.

- Choose one of your significant vessels

- Make some food you have not made before

- Draw or photograph your plate + food + recipe (to be made into a collaborative zine; all participants will receive a FREE copy)

As we eat and chat, we’ll share our old vessel/new recipe stories.

Up to 30 people can join the dinner party on FRIDAY 20 NOVEMBER 2020, at 7-8:30pm on Zoom .

CONTACT SEAFAIR if you wish to be a Storyteller: [email protected]

We have space for 12 people to tell their stories, in 3-5 minutes each. (everyone else will be muted whilst they tuck into their new recipes)

Afterwards, email us your photos/drawings & stories then we'll create a collective zine. You'll be featured in this and receive a free copy.

Any surplus zines will be sold by SEAFAIR, with sales added to this fundraising pot.

In aid of the Bridport Refugee Support Campaign. (info on fb)

This event is a reference to Syrian and other nationality refugees having to travel and flee from their home countries. Could this event/ project have a flip side - working with or supporting refugees to make artwork to sell or produce artwork/poetry to sell in a zine? We hope this will be the start of ongoing conversations.

Once you've signed up to this event via Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/old-vessels-new-recipes-tickets-125178673783 , Sally the organiser will get a notification and you'll be emailed a Zoom link.